Team Hardwood is proud of its athletes who have graduated from the Senior Devo program and continue to race at the university, provincial, national and international level.

Lenny Valjas

Lenny is the first graduate of the Team Hardwood development program to be named to the Canadian Olympic Team – for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

A member of the Senior World Cup team on Canada’s National Ski Team, Len’s ski training stretches back to the Jackrabbit and Devo programs at Hardwood.   Len is proudly supported by Team Hardwood and Hardwood Ski and Bike;  winter morning team training practices have been known to be delayed so athletes, coaches and parents can gather to watch him race live on the World Cup circuit on TV screens or laptops.

Bob Thompson

IMG_7095It’s a long way from Woodstock, ON to Hardwood Ski and Bike but Bob Thompson and his family made the trek regularly during Bob’s days in the Devo program.  Bob graduated from the Devo program, trained in Alberta, and is now training in Canmore

Jennifer Jackson


Jenn is a recent graduate of the Team Hardwood development program.  Jennifer was part of the National Development Centre in Thunder Bay, where she is enrolled in the engineering program at Lakehead University.  Jenn has started mountain bike racing, and placed 32nd at the 2019 UCI World Mountain Bike Championships.

Scott Hill
A familiar sight on Hardwood’s trails from an early age, Scott graduated from grade 12 in 2012 and headed directly to Thunder Bay where he joined the National Development Centre and attends Lakehead University.  Scott is on Canada’s Junior National Ski Team and was the top Junior Man at the 2014 Canadian Nationals in 2014.

Jordan Cascagnette

Jordan joined Team Hardwood’s Senior Devo program as a teenager and has been skiing fast ever since.  Now attending Nipissing University, Jordan represented Team Canada at the World University Games in Italy in 2014, and excelled throughout the season on the university racing circuit.

Pat Monette

IMG_9280A proud graduate of the Devo program, Pat attended the University of Toronto and skied for the Varsity Blues Nordic Ski Team.

Nick Monette

Nick started skiing the trails of Hardwood at age four.   Not long after, he donned a bib and began racing for Team Hardwood as part of the Jackrabbit and Devo programs.  Nick’s most memorable moment of his skiing career was when he took the gold medal in the classic sprint in 2009 National Championships.

Emma Spelt

As a member of the Senior Devo program through her teenage years, Emma won many OCup medals for Team Hardwood and was a member of the Ontario Ski Team at the Canada Games in Halifax, Nova Scotia in February, 2011.  A second-year student at the University of Toronto, she was awarded “most valuable” member of the University of Toronto Varsity Blues Nordic Ski Team in 2013.

Alana Thomas

Alana Thomas finished the Senior Devo program a few years ago and went onto successfully juggle cross country racing while completing a university degree in Economics at Carleton University.

Mary Thompson

maryAn accomplished skier while in the Devo Program, Mary has excelled as a university skier, skiing for both Laurentian University and more recently for the University of Guelph.  Mary has participated in a number of international ski races as a university skier, including the World University Games in Turkey in 2011.

Erin Tribe

Erin attended the National Development Centre in Thunder Bay, and is a proud Team Hardwood alumnus who continues to visit the club when she is home and is an inspiration to many current racers in the Devo program.  Erin had the honour of participating in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics as a forerunner and she has received numerous awards for her leadership skills and sports accomplishments.