Junior Program

The Junior program is designed to motivate Grade 5 & older athletes who consider Nordic skiing as their favourite winter sport. Skiers will learn skate and classic technique through coordination and agility drills, demonstrations and trail skiing adventures. Our staff is fully trained to work with a wide range of ability levels; we have progressions to fit your needs. Program content is age appropriate and FUN! The program will be led by Kim Getty with support from Head Coach Jack Sasseville

  • Grade 5 & up, upon assessment & review with the coach
    contact Jack Sasseville – jackxcgolf@gmail.com
  • program starting September 16, 2017 with orientation – 1st training session is September 23rd
  • Two training days in the fall (Wednesday & Saturday)
  • Three training days when skiing (Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday)
  • Christmas training between Christmas and New Year
  • Athletes will attend local and regional races
  • Race trips to Midget Championships at North Bay Nordic
  • Ontario Winter Games for Midget and Juvenile Boys and Girls at Horseshoe Resort

If you would like your skier to come and join the Team for a training session to learn more, please contact us at teamhardwood at gmail.com .

Program cost:

  • $760 + HST  + SOD,CCO,CCC fee of $19, + discounted trail pass through Hardwood Ski & Bike
  • Fall Trail pass ($23 + HST) + WinterTrail pass  $109 + HST for ages 13 and under
  • Fall Trail Pass ($34 + HST) + Winter Trail pass  $330 + HST for over 13 yrs
  • Online registration at zone4.ca will be open September 5th (2 separate registrations for programs & trail passes)
  • Athletes will also incur all costs associated with travel and race fees on top of program fees.

Online registration for programming at zone4.ca  is now open HERE.