From: Oakville, Ontario.

Favourite Workout: Strength circuits, Ultimate Frisbee and long distance runs / skis.

My Preferred Ski Technique is: Classic.

When I’m not cross-country skiing, I like to: Play piano, sing, play lacrosse, read and hang with friends.

My friends think: I always ‘sock my soak’ (as opposed to ‘soak my sock’ – I mess up words a lot!!)

What people don’t know about me is: I want to go to Veterinarian School in Scotland

My favourite trail at Hardwood is: No favourite – I like them all.

The most fun I’ve had with the team (so far) was: All the summer training camps – especially at camp # 3 while telling ghost stories, peer jumping and playing manhunt..

What I enjoy most about being part of Team Hardwood is: The great coaching – incorporating hard work and training with fun; and the great supportive friends I have.